hi, i’m kacey

I am a 24-y.o. queer living in Jacksonville, Florida.

I’ve consulted on triple-A game dev, interviewed games industry professionals, and produced dozens of YouTube video essays.

I love motorsports. I like to paint race cars. I did donuts in a NA2 Acura NSX once.

I am staunchly anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and pro-queer liberation.

You might know me from YouTube, or Cohost, or Twitter. Check out my links to see my work or get in touch!

This website is a perpetual work in progress. I will be uploading information about Projects as I have enough to upload. Liveries will (eventually) be in a gallery on that page. And if you’d like to tip, buy me a gift or send suggestions or content via email, visit the Contribute page. Thanks!

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